The Pearson Family

“We are very grateful and thankful for the Ronald McDonald House! Our twin babies decided to join us 6 weeks before we expected them and we were suddenly suprised. Within 24 hrs, we went from a normal day to hearing ‘your babies will be here within the hour.’ We spent the next three weeks in the NICU making sure they were strong enough to be home. During that time we were given the gift of being allowed to stay at this amazing place.

Because restrictions were heightened with CoVID19, only my husband or I were allowed to be at the hospital with the babies. We needed to take turns and the Ronald McDonald house made it very easy for the parent not at the hospital to get some rest. We loved the convenience of being so close to the hospital and being able to get to our babies in just a few short minutes. It was also a great place for our five year old son to come visit us and feel a sense of normal family life.

The staff was also so nice and accommodating. The meals that were left on our table were such a relief.

Thank you for providing this service. It made such a difference during this amazing and a bit scary time of our lives. Having a clean,comfortable, safe place to stay made all the difference!”

❤ Carson, Allison, Suede, Briar, and Mesa Pearson