Bright Heart, Bright Future

One perk of being a part of the home-school world has to be the freedom in scheduling the day to day routine. This is something many of us are also realizing right now with the social distancing measures as a result of COVID-19. We have new opportunities to spend some of our 9-5 hours working in the yard, jogging, walking dogs, etc. Some of us have even found creative ways to help our community and give back to others during these unusual times. This is exactly what Tiffany Fehr had already been doing for some time before this pandemic started.

At age 17, Tiffany is among our youngest House volunteers to routinely come out every week or two to help our staff with projects at our temporary home at the Winchester Apartments. But given her impeccable work ethic and the many skills she brings to the table, you would easily forget that. Within this past year, Tiffany has been coming out often and showing us just how much of a “Jane of all trades” she can be – from overseeing clerical tasks to doing housework, sorting through donations, answering phones, and getting rooms ready for new families to check-in, she can do just about anything and does it all very well!

Like so many of our other supporters, Tiffany has also had a personal experience with the House, which encouraged her to give back and do something that could help make a difference. When her nephew, Luke. was born, he had a heart condition. Tiffany’s family stayed at the Ronald McDonald House for a few days until he was well enough to go home with his family.

One interesting thing about Tiffany that she wants our readers to know?

“I’m absolutely the coolest aunt ever and I love all my nephews and would do anything for them………and my dogs.”

During these days of increased social distancing, Tiffany has been spending a lot of her time trying to learn a new language, sewing, and even doing a little gardening. She’s also been catching up on programs like “New Girl”, “The Good Doctor”, and “Grey’s Anatomy”, as well as “basically anything on Netflix and every chick flick known to man!”

She most looks forward to getting to get out and hike with her dogs and hang out with her family once this pandemic is behind us. And when it comes to what you would most likely see her ordering in line at McDonald’s, she and our good friend Lance Culbert at the Canyon Key Club stand in solidarity on this one: the Chicken McNuggets are the best thing on the menu!

It always inspires us to see young people making an effort to give of themselves and take the initiative to do their part in helping our community to become a better place. Thanks for all you do for our families, Tiffany!