Carol Braudt – Faces of RMHC

When trying out a new activity or experience, many folks like to get their feet wet a bit before diving in all the way. That was not the case for Carol Braudt when it came to giving the Ronald McDonald Family Room a shot as a volunteer. Carol just started in the Family Room this past year, but by the end of 2019, she had already stockpiled 130 hours of service!

Carol first learned about the Ronald McDonald Family Room through another noble and worthwhile volunteer activity at Northwest Texas Healthcare System: the NWTHS Auxiliary, helping to keep families comfortable and faces smiling all across the hospital. It was when our staff had an opportunity to present more information about our work and mission that Carol first cross paths with RMHC.

Jan and Shelley made a presentation at the NWTHS Auxiliary meeting.  Afterwards they offered  a tour for anyone that wanted to go but I wasn’t planning on going.  As I was returning from the cafeteria I  ran into the group taking the tour and they persuaded me to come.  So I did.  Jan showed us around and I was so impressed that I said I wanted to do it!  They had one opening and I said put me down.  I had passed the Family Room at NWTHS many times and saw the volunteers and never thought that would be something I wanted to do.  I was so very wrong.  I now volunteer for the Family Room and love it!”

The whole “being a friendly face and getting acquainted with the families of pediatric patients” thing has proven to be the most rewarding and enjoyable aspect of volunteering at the Family Room for Carol. She recalls one specific encounter that really stands out as a noteworthy interaction, and it all happened when a man came in and wanted to switch the TV channel to a tennis match.

“I was so excited.  We had the best time.  He had twin granddaughters – one weighing 2 lbs and one almost 2 pounds.  He was from New Mexico and we talked about the babies and he really knew tennis which made it fun.  Match point, the nurse came in and said he could see the babies.  Jokingly I said ‘I can’t believe you’re leaving’  – would probably only be a few minutes, if that, before the match was over.  He said babies come first and he had to hold them!!”


Carol retired from the clerical world about 4 years ago, having had spent a lengthy  career of 35 years working in the HR department at Region 16 Education Support Center. She is close to her niece who lives in DC, whom she enjoys traveling to visit as often as possible. Her niece’s mother lives across the pond in Germany, and before the era of COVID-19, enjoyed meeting up to all spend time together as a trio.


Carol had the joy as a child of watching her mom spend her time and efforts giving back to the community, which ultimately rubbed off on her as well as she too  was bit by the “helper” bug.

“When I was growing up, my mother always volunteered for various organizations.  I also volunteered at the old Northwest as a Candy Striper in the grill.  I think it is a great way to give back to the community, plus, it’s fun!  A great way to meet people.”


Much like some of our own staff, Carol has the misfortune of having had outlined a “Pandemic To-Do List” of tasks that has proven to be too lofty for her own good. She has, however, managed to clean out closets and drawers, watch every Dateline and 48 Hours episode ever produced, walk, attempt teaching her dog new tricks (to no avail) and is trying to get better at Sudoku. She’s already done several 1000 – 1500 piece puzzles! Despite her budding life as a recreational enthusiast, she still manages to find time to volunteer, and on a special occasion you might run into her at McDonald’s placing an order for fries. Once the pandemic has passed, she looks forward to returning to both of her volunteer roles at NWTHS, where she has missed the patients and people!


Having Carol on board for Team RMHC has been a true blessing, and for any fellow Family Room volunteers who just might be reading this, Carol wants us to pass on this message:

“I love to fill in if I can when people need a sub so don’t hesitate to call me!!”