Sarah Goodfellow – Faces of RMHC

“One of the best things about staying at a Ronald McDonald House is that you feel safe.  Being in an unfamiliar city and different hospitals is very overwhelming.  People are so good – they take care of you and care about you at Ronald McDonald Houses.”

These are the words of one of our very own Family Room volunteers, Sarah Goodfellow. If you follow our House, you likely are already aware that many of our most active and ardent supporters are folks who have stayed at a Ronald McDonald House themselves. Sarah herself doesn’t just have the experience of being a one-time  guest at a Ronald McDonald House. Her family has stayed at three!

“My granddaughter was born with heart problems and we have stayed at three different Ronald McDonald Houses and used other Family Rooms.  We have stayed in Lubbock, Houston and Dallas.  She had heart surgery in Houston.  Each House was so welcoming for us and made us feel comfortable during a very scary time.”

There is so much uncertainty and day-to-day rollercoaster rides for families that have an ill or injured child in the hospital. Our goal at the Ronald McDonald House is to serve as a beacon of hope and a source of constant for families facing so much stress and uncertainty in just about every other aspect of their lives. Sarah understands what these feelings are like for families firsthand, and is able to channel that empathy and understanding to parents facing similar challenges today.

“I want to give back because I was given so much help and support when I needed it the most when my granddaughter was in the hospital when she was so very little.  There are so many families that come to the Family Room and just need someone to be there that cares. “

If you’ve been reading this blog for very long you probably can recall that so many of our volunteers have made so many special memories connecting with families that will stick with them long after their shift ends. For Sarah, that sentiment definitely rings true.

“There are many families that I remember fondly, but one lady comes to mind.  I saw a lady in the Quiet Room kneeling to pray.  You could tell she was having a difficult time.  I went in there to pray with her and she was so very grateful.  I can understand the stress and worry that these families are facing since I have been in their shoes before.”

Sarah is originally from Weatherford, TX (if you’ve spent much time in the DFW Metroplex, it’s safe to say you’ve been within striking distance), but had the joy of spending a couple of years as a newlywed residing as a “neighbor to our north” up in Canada. She really enjoyed the experience, and noted that it was fun getting acquainted with native Canadians, who took a liking to her southern accent.

During this pandemic, Sarah has been staying busy working on projects around her house, reading, and catching up on Rachael Ray, various other cooking shows, and religious TV programs. She’s bound to go 100% All-American in a visit to McDonald’s by ordering a cheeseburger with fries!


While the Family Room has been temporarily closed during the pandemic, Sarah has missed connecting with the families as well as catching up with fellow volunteers who have grown to become friends, including Kris and Linda!

It is always incredible to connect with volunteers who have their own RMHC stories that they bring with them, and Sarah is certainly no exception. Thank you for having such a big heart for all of our families!