The families we help

When Mariela ran a fever after her 1st birthday, the doctors told her mom, Marla, that it was just a normal reaction. When the fever continued through the week, the doctors said that she had a virus. She couldn’t keep any food down, her appetite declined, & her mother just knew that something more was wrong.  Mariela was referred to a pediatric nephrologist in Amarillo, & she and her family came to stay with us at the Ronald McDonald House.  Mariela was diagnosed with cancer & faced surgeries and chemotherapy.  Staying at the Ronald McDonald House helped them to be close to the care facilities and treatment that Mariela needed and allowed them to be able to rest as much as possible instead of traveling back and forth for care.  It also allowed us to get to know sweet Mariela and her family.  Mariela completed her therapy, went home, and is doing well.  She came back to visit us six months later.  And, of course, she had to enjoy all of the toys at the House once again.