Becky Jones – Faces of RMHC

When it comes to taking full advantage of getting immersed in ALL of the opportunities we have available at the Ronald McDonald House, you would be hard pressed to find any one who has had their hand in so many of the programs and activities going on at the House than Becky Jones.

Becky first got plugged into her role as a volunteer on Team RMHC in 2017, after retiring from a career in education and moving with her husband to trade in small-town life in Friona for a new chapter in the “big city’ of Amarillo. In those 3 short years, Becky has already served as a House volunteer, helping with tasks and projects that help keep our home running on a day-to-day basis. She has also joined our great roster of volunteers up at the Ronald McDonald Family Room at NWTHS, jumped in as a regular helper each week with our “Gifts from the Heart” toy delivery program at the hospitals, and has been instrumental in helping our events go down in the books as a true success, like the annual Pro-Am Golf Tournament and our Farewell to the House community garage sale. Becky also belongs to the Joy Circle Group at St. Stephen United Methodist Church, which has been a long-time supporter of the House through donating snacks and pantry supplies for our families.

“Ronald McDonald House, the Family Room at NWTHS and gift delivery at BSA provides wonderful service to others and it is rewarding to be part of that service. I’ve also enjoyed getting to know the staff and other volunteers.”

With such a variety of experiences related to the Ronald McDonald House, there is no shortage of materials for Becky to draw upon when it comes to reflecting on her time spent with the organization. But her favorite memory so far has to be traced back to the many hours she has invested in the gift and toy delivery program.

“My favorite time is delivering gifts and visiting with the children and parents in the hospital. Sometimes I get to see old students who are there with their young children.”

One of the best parts of toy delivery, she says, is getting to try to pick out the perfect toy for each child that will be getting a gift, and possibly a surprise one, at that.

Becky originally hails from the great state of Kansas, but has called the Lone Star State Home for the past 36 years. Before retiring and moving to Amarillo, her career in education was focused on teaching elementary school as well as special education. During this pandemic, Becky has enjoyed keeping busy with cooking sewing, playing games, and catching up on her favorite shows like Bull, Hunters, Last Man Standing, and NCIS. Once all of this social distancing has moved behind us, Becky looks forward to going back to help work at Milk House Market store in Friona, and of course getting back to church and out to see friends. If you want to stand a chance at crossing paths with Becky at a McDonald’s, you’re going to need to set that alarm clock, because she’s bound to be going after some McGriddles!

As for why Becky chooses to dedicate so much of her own time on spending it to aid and bless people?

“Basically I like to help others. Volunteering with the Ronald McDonald House allows me to help others in person and hopefully brighten their day.”

It is such a pleasure having you on Team RMHC, Becky! You definitely brighten our families’ days, and you do the same for all of us on the staff!