Linda Pinkert – Faces of RMHC

One of the truly beautiful things about bringing people together to unite behind our mission for serving families is that so many different folks involved have had an opportunity to experience and see the House through different lenses. As you already probably know, so many of our devoted volunteers have spent time staying at Ronald McDonald Houses all across the country with their own families. We have staff members who got their first glimpse of the House through the eyes of a volunteer. We truly do believe that these abundant and differing experiences really do help make our House stronger. Linda Pinkert currently sits on our board of directors. But she first got acquainted with RMHC as a volunteer at the Family Room, a duty she still continues to hold while also serving on the board to help oversee the guidance and decision making behind the scenes that keeps the House going strong in the right direction.


Linda is a longtime veteran of our Family Room at Northwest Texas Healthcare System. She first started in her role as a volunteer in 2003, just three years after the grand opening. Linda first became aware of the Ronald McDonald House when one of her grandchildren was transferred to a hospital in Lubbock for a medical emergency and was offered a place to stay during that challenging time. A native of Belle Plaine, Kansas, Linda now calls Amarillo home, where this year she will celebrate her 20th anniversary at Amarillo National Bank where she works as an officer. One of the reasons Linda chooses to spend her own personal time caring for families at the Family Room is because she sees just how important and vital of a resource it is for our community.

“What we do there makes a difference and is such a blessing for the families with babies and kids that are in the hospital.”

In her spare time, Linda enjoys staying handy around her house. She is an avid fan of finding”fixer upper” projects around her home and repurposing items for her garden and flower beds. During this season of increased time at home for many folks, Linda and her husband, Carl, have enjoyed working in their yard, spending the cool moments kicked back on their patio, and watching a decent amount of cooking shows on TV. While this time at home has been nice, Linda is looking forward to whenever we are able to safely re-open the Family Room so she can return to volunteering.

“The families are so thankful and appreciative of what we do that it is a blessing to me to be able to volunteer. I miss being able to volunteer in the Family Room and have those families come see me just for the short time I am there.”

In addition to getting back in the Family Room, Linda is also eager to get back out to do some shopping and going out to eat. If she ventures out to eat at McDonald’s, she is bound to order a quarter pounder with cheese, without question, and it’s a pick that gets our hearty endorsement.


Having a dedicated volunteer serve on our board of directors has been absolutely invaluable, because Linda brings to the table the perspective of someone who experiences the mission and meets the families, firsthand. Thank you for your many years of service, Linda!