Linda Prough – Faces of RMHC

We’ve shared quite a few stories with you lately about many of our terrific and passionate volunteers that keep the Ronald McDonald Family Room up and running, but today we would like to share a story with you about a very helpful and reliable person who helps us out with some very important tasks behind the scenes- in a role that you might not even know exists!


Linda Prough joined Team RMHC as a volunteer back in 2018, after retiring from a career as a math teacher at Tascosa High School here in Amarillo. After beginning her new life as a retiree she started looking for ways to give back, and ultimately found RMHC, where she started volunteering each week with her good friend, Carol. Just like most other industries and facets of life in the modern era of 2020, there is one major component to life that is just as crucial here at the House as it is anywhere else: data! In order to track all of our donations, inventory our supplies, manage financial records and bookkeeping, mail thank-you cards, and record and store the information of the generous folks making the gifts, we couldn’t do it without processing all of that data. Linda comes out to the House on Friday mornings to help us keep all of that valuable information logged, processed, and saved in our gigantic cloud-like database. Linda’s favorite part of volunteering thus far has been getting acquainted with families and having the fellowship with other volunteers.

” I love having the time to volunteer. I also like to give to such a worthy cause.”

Linda’s hometown happens to be one of our most served communities at RMHC: Perryton. Her best memory of volunteering at the House has been coming in on Friday mornings during the winter time after a big snow, and realizing that everyone else has made it in safe and sound. Thought she may be retired and volunteering may be on a hiatus due to public health concerns regarding COVID-19, Linda has still managed to stay busy during this time.


“I have done Zoom for bible study and online yoga.  I also am homeschooling my grandson (age 16) who goes to Canyon High School.”


Linda has also enjoyed catching up on Law & Order episodes during this pandemic as well. Once the social distancing guidelines have completely lifted, she looks forward to getting out for church, PEO meetings, shopping, to visit friends, and to a highly anticipated hair appointment. If you were to run into her at a McDonald’s after the pandemic, you’ll have to get to bed early the night before, because she’s likely to be stopping by for pancakes off the breakfast menu!


As cliche as it may sound, the Ronald McDonald House, like most other things in our world, really does operate like a well-oiled machine. We rely on a very small staff and a very large group of community volunteers who all provide invaluable services, abilities, and precious time in order to make the House run efficiently and best meet the needs of families with ill or injured children. Thank you for your service, Linda!