Peggy Sherrod – Faces of RMHC

When it comes to RMHC supporters who are able to help us and bless our families in more way than one, Peggy Sherrod is one of those generous souls leading the charge. When she retired from the working world, Peggy was very interested in finding an organization that specifically served pediatric patients where she could get involved. Her path ultimately brought her to the Ronald McDonald House, where there’s been no looking back for her ever since!

“After touring the Ronald McDonald House and Family Room in 2011, I couldn’t sign up fast enough.  I took a shift at the Family Room at Northwest Texas Hospital and still have the same shift!  I was so impressed that I also started volunteering my time at the House on Monday mornings to help write thank you notes to the many donors that help support the mission of the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Amarillo.”

Peggy truly gets to experience the “best of both worlds” when it comes to RMHC. Her role at the Family Room allows her an opportunity to connect with the hundreds of families who utilize the services we provide at NWTHS each year, as well as the hospital staff and fellow Family Room volunteers who she comes in contact with between shifts. At the House, Peggy is able to get acquainted with the families who come to stay from out of town, as well as our staff and volunteers working on-site at the House.

 “I love the interaction with the families that have children in the hospital.  I love to hear their stories and to know that I am helping them just by listening and caring.”

An Amarillo native, Pegg worked in the Dean’s Office at Texas Tech School of Pharmacy before retiring in 2011. She said it was enriching to see so many students grow in their fields, graduate, and begin successful careers in their chosen practice areas. With all of our volunteer activities currently on hold due to the pandemic, Peggy says she feels a void inside when it comes to her life and routine. She has always looked forward to showing up, interacting with families, and visiting with fellow volunteers and staff – all things that she has missed during this new season!

 “I love being able to see and visit with the families when they find out that they get to go home and take their child home after a lengthy stay in the hospital.  Sometimes, they have been there for many months and you get to visit with them often and get to know them.  The families are so appreciative of everything RMH does.”

Despite taking a well-deserved and much needed break from her volunteer activities, Peggy has managed to find other outlets to turn to for new ways to spend her time. She says all this time at home has led to her house being VERY clean, but it might be time to start the process all over again! She has also enjoyed reading, watching Netflix (including a recent viewing of the film “Soul Surfer”) and going on walks…whenever it’s not too blistering to get outside! If it is too hot, that means it’s probably the perfect time to grab a yogurt parfait at McDonald’s to get refreshed, a treat Peggy says could double up either as a snack or a lunch!

Once the pandemic has passed, Peggy looks forward to coming back to volunteer in her dual roles at the House (of course!) as well as going back to church, and running errands….all WITHOUT as mask!

We have really missed having that face-to-face interaction with all of our volunteers who have become not just a part of Team RMHC, but truly grown into full-fledged members of our Ronald McDonald Family. Peggy is certainly no exception to that. We look forward to soon returning to a healthier, safer, and more connected world where we are able to welcome Peggy and the rest of the crew back to do what they do best…serve families! Thank you for being such a great ambassador of the House, Peggy!