Rose Kinzer – Faces of RMHC

If there is one thing we could rightfully be accused of “harping on” around here, it would be hitting home the message that each and every one of our volunteers bring a unique gift, skill, or ability to the table that helps to make our House a truly better place.

For Rose Kinzer, that special something is undoubtedly her servant’s heart and “worker bee” outlook. Depending on the task, whether it’s pouring in hours of time getting ready for an event, helping with deep-clean projects, translating over the phone for non-English speaking families checking in to the House, or cooking a hearty lunch for the staff, Rose is always in 100% go-mode. And she always does it with a huge smile on her face!

“I’m a giving person and love to give back to all the families.  I just want to be there to be able to help them out.  I love to be able to translate and make any family that needs Spanish interpretation to feel comfortable expressing their needs and concerns.”

After retiring from a 16-year career working for Home Depot, Rose was eager to get plugged into the community in a capacity that allowed her to give back. She and her husband, Hank, never had children of their own, but she has always loved kids and wanted to find an outlet that allowed her to bless the kids of today and future generations. The Ronald McDonald House aligned perfectly with her mental picture of  what that looked like, and today she is one of our most active and hands-on volunteers on Team RMHC.

“I love the care that goes out to the families from the staff and all of the volunteers.  I never knew what really happened at the House until I began volunteering. Such miracle babies for the families that stay at the House.  It is such a giving place. So many people don’t know the RMH even exists until they really need it, but the RMH is out to help any family.”

Rose’s favorite memory so far at the House was the opportunity to connect with the Rice Family, who spent an entire season with us last year when their second son was born 3 months early!

“They were so very grateful for what the House did for them and their two boys.  They attended the Lights of Love luncheon and spoke of their experience – I was so very moved.  I also loved seeing their two boys and how the baby had progressed.  They never knew that they would be at the House for 3 months and became friends with so many associated with the House.”

The Rices have continued to make an effort to stay connected with our team as dear friends, and it’s people like Rose and our caring and compassionate staff and volunteers that helped make their stressful season just a bit more bearable.

While this pandemic has brought its fair share of struggles and trials in so many different ways as it has struck virtually every reach of our globe, it has definitely made its impact felt here at the Ronald McDonald House. While we have been blessed with the opportunity to keep caring for families, we have had to revamp all of our House operations, including the temporary suspension of all other programs, including the volunteer program. Helping out at the Ronald McDonald House every Tuesday had become a part of Rose’s weekly routine, and it’s been a challenge for her to not be here!

“I really miss being able help every Tuesday. I feel sad every Tuesday when I get up and know that I’m not volunteering.  They still call me if they need translation for a family, but I miss the interaction with the families and the staff.  The staff has become part of my family.”

Despite taking a little break from her time at RMHC, Rose has been keeping busy finding ways to put that servant’s heart to use during this public health crisis. She has invested her time into sewing masks for patients and staff at the VA Hospital, as well as work on other projects around her house, including gardening and building a solar powered “she-shed.” Rose has also found her self buzzing over to the construction site of the new House, where she can’t wait to take a tour when it opens late this year!

Once this season of social distancing has finally passed us, Rose looks MOST forward to coming back to the House to volunteer! You also might catch her grabbing a 32 oz. Coke from McDonald’s, who she says has the greatest cokes around!

While Rose is by and large a HUGE blessing to the families who call us their home away from home, she is just as much a blessing to our staff and the mission of the organization. It is a pleasure to have you as a part of our family, Rose!


In closing, we leave with you a final word from Rose on just how important she feels our resources are for this amazing community.

“I’m very grateful for the House, the staff and volunteers.  Where would the parents be without the services of the RMH?”