Strength in Numbers

We often like to highlight just how important it is when we bring people together, especially in groups, to unite behind a cause that’s much bigger than any single person. Just one example of that is Southwest Church of Christ in Amarillo who have rotated different members and life groups to cover Monday night dinner every single week for our families for over 2 decades now! While the volunteers are really the backbone of our mission, we just simply would not be able to do do what we do each and every day without the rallying support of so many generous individuals and groups in our Amarillo community and beyond. Another special group organization that has been giving back to help serve our families for numerous years is the Mothers of Multiples group that covers a weekly shift at our Family Room at NWTHS. We serve so many Moms at our House, and statistically speaking quite a few who have twins or multiples, so this group falls perfectly in line with the core of our mission. One familiar face from the Mothers of Multiples volunteer group who certainly doesn’t need much of an introduction around this area is our friend Jody Reynolds!

Jody wasn’t familiar with Ronald McDonald House or the Ronald McDonald Family Room when she was in the hospital for 5 days after delivering twins about a decade and a half ago. Upon becoming a new mother of twins, she first got involved with the Mothers of Multiples group in Amarillo who then decided as a group to help us out at the Ronald McDonald Family Room each week. That was back in 2007… fast forward 13 years later and they haven’t missed a beat!

Jody originally hails from Kansas City, MO, but it was a job at the American Quarter Horse Association that brought her to this neck of the woods, where she would spend the next 20 years of her career. She is certainly a “familiar face” around this community, as she has been involved with AQHA, the Amarillo Convention and Visitors Council, the Amarillo Chapter of the American Advertising Federation, March of Dimes, Martha’s Home, and Trinity Fellowship Church. We aren’t quite sure how, but she still manages to continue locating a few spare hours to volunteer at the Ronald McDonald Family Room each month! What does she love most about RMHC that keeps her coming back to serve after doing so for 13 years?

” [It’s about] understanding the stress and exhaustion the families are going through but knowing that the family room provides them some comfort and a way to care for themselves. “

Being a mother herself and having had spent several days in the hospital after the birth of her twins, she is able to draw on self experiences to empathize and relate to a lot of the challenges many of our moms are currently facing. It’s one of these special interactions that stands out as her favorite memory that’s been made at the Family Room:

“[It was} talking for hours straight with a tired momma who had a baby in the NICU and who needed someone to visit with her so she could feel some sense of normalcy during her chaotic time at the hospital. We laughed and cried, and I was truly honored to be there for her in such a time of need.”

Being the mother of teenage twins is clearly a full-time gig in and of itself, but Jody also has been keeping busy during these hectic times with her other full-time position working at a digital marketing agency. When she’s not working, she has enjoyed watching cook shows as well as going on family jogs with her full crew of four. They’ve also been getting reacquainted with some sitcom classics as a family including The Office, Seinfeld, and Parks and Recreation, as well as some films like Spielberg’s 2018 sci-fi adventure Ready Player One. Once the pandemic passes, Jody looks most forward to getting out to the gym, the hair salon, and to grab lunch with friends!

With all this healthy talk, it should come as no surprise that Jody’s favorite item at McDonald’s is the yogurt parfait! We can’t disagree…those things are tough to beat when it comes to a solid summer time snack on a warm day.

We appreciate all you do to invest in our community and make Amarillo a better place, including your many years of advocacy and serving as an ambassador of the Ronald McDonald House through our Family Room program. Thanks, Jody!